United / App Redesign Concept
Redesign concept for United Airlines app.
This is a concept for a redesign of the United Airlines app with a main focus on the visual design. The challenge and limitation that I placed on myself was to stay within the personality of United, while creating a cleaner visual experience for users.

Here are a few screenshots I created to show the visuals of the app redesign.
SCREEN 1 / New user
This first screenshot would be for someone who is not logged in when they open the app. Since the user is not logged into the app, they may not be familiar with United. A larger logo with a photo or video behind it would really pull a user in by presenting only the essential information.

SCREEN 2 / Logged in
This screenshot is similar to the first but shows what it would be like when someone opens the app while they are already signed in with their account. The United logo is still prominent, but is sized down and brought up to a header. The header also presents a menu icon and profile icon for quick access to all the features for a user who is signed in.

SCREEN 3 / 24 hours before flight
This screenshot would appear if a user has a flight coming up within 24 hours and is logged in. It easily presents the flight information and the call-to-action adapts to fit what the user would want to accomplish in the moment. The map shown gives a visual aid of domestic flight paths.

SCREEN 4 / In flight
This screenshot would open when a user is logged in and on their flight. It displays an array of information regarding the weather, flight, arrival time, as well as in-flight entertainment. The yellow line connects back to the yellow flight path from the previous screenshot to communicate the direction and flight status of the plane.

SCREEN 5 / Book a flight
With so much information that needs to be completed for booking flights, this form had to take various input field types to best fit the information. The light grey background really helps the white input fields stand out as relevant information.

I kept the color scheme close to what United was using, but changed them slightly to have them work better together. One of their main accent colors was an orange hue that I changed slightly to be more yellow. This allowed the color to stand out as large buttons as well as a bright accent color intermixed into the main content. Although I explored a darker theme for this app, I really felt that a lighter feeling app was the direction to go. The app has screens with long lists of information and as well as long forms that take up a lot of space. Because of this, I felt that a lighter color scheme would help give the interface a minimal and clean appearance despite the dense information. I also felt that the lighter color scheme was staying closer to the United brand.
The font used in this redesign is Open Sans. I decided to change it to Open Sans for a few reasons. The main reason is that this is the font they use on their website. Using Open Sans in the app creates a more consistent experience across the different avenues of United. I also choose Open Sans because of the font weight variations that are available.

Note: This was a personal project. I was not hired by United Airlines for this design.
Thanks for checking out my project!
I'd love to hear your comments and feedback.
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